Beautifull Valley

Neelum Valley – Latest Update Top Beautifull Valley of Pakistan Neelum Valley 2022

Beautifull Valley Around 240 kilometers in length the pleasant Neelum Valley is arranged toward the North and North East of Muzaffarabad. Running corresponding to the Kaghan Valley, it is isolated from it by snow covered pinnacles, some more than 4000 meters above ocean level. Magnificent grand excellence, all encompassing perspective, transcending slopes on the two sides of the loud Neelum River, thriving green woodlands, streams, high elevation lakes and alluring environmental elements make the valley a blessing from heaven. The region is additionally great for mountain the travel industry. A piece of Nanga Parbat Massif falls in this space which is overwhelmed by “Sarwaali Peak” (6326 meters) the high mountain in Azad Kashmir. In addition like Kaghan Valley it is popular for fishing and calculating exercises in Neelum River and Jagran Nullah which are supplied with trout fish. A reasonable climate street frees the valley to travelers up to Kel, 165 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. Mentors employ every day on this course and convenience offices are additionally accessible at spots of vacation destination. A portion of the spots of traveler interest are

Chilhana – Beautifull Valley

it is the primary town of Neelum Valley while inverse region is an involved area of Indian involved of Jammu and Kashmir

Noseri Dam – Beautifull Valley

The Newly settled Neelum Jhelum Power Project Dam is arranged around 36 Kilometer from Muzaffarabad. The motivation behind the dam is to redirecting the water of River Neelum through Tunnel into River Jhelum for Power Generation. It is a place of interest and draw in the traveler during the going along the Neelum Valley Road

Beautifull Valley
Beautifull Valley

Kutton Jagran Valley Beautifull Valley

The beguiling excellence of Kutton, with a height of 1530 meters over the ocean level saturated in the range of 10 kilometers, makes Jagran Valley. The region is 16 kilometers from Kundal Shahi and is open by street. For the comfort of travelers, AJK Tourism Department has built a rest house while adjoining private complex oversaw by the Power Development Organization (PDO) is likewise accessible for convenience. From here 16 Kilometers forward, Thunian, Ghainsi and Jagran are found which merit seeing spots for nature sweethearts and experience searchers. A Jeep track towards Baboon slope top is additionally open from Jagran region which associate Patlian, Rati Gali lake region

Kundal Shahi – Beautifull Valley

t is 74 Kilometers from Muzaffarad. Here, brilliant stream Jagran Nullah joins waterway Neelum, where trout fish is found bounteously. A few private lodgings are accessible

Beautifull Valley
Beautifull Valley

Upper Neelum Beautifull Valley

Upper (Neelum Village) is situated a good ways off of around two and half Kms. from Karen with a height of 1824 meters over the ocean level. This all encompassing rich green town, significant in wild leafy foods life, draws in the travelers from each niche and corner of the country. One more noteworthy element of this spot is that one can see the whole area of involved Kashmir from here. Inferable from its vacationers fascination AJK Tourism Department has developed traveler cottages to change over both the Upper and Lower Neelum into a traveler town. The region has number of visitor house with quality administrations and popular as vacationer town. From the posterior of the town a street is built towards Baboon slope station for experience darlings

Karen Beautifull Valley

t is around 09 Kms from Authmaqam, Neelum (Karen) is arranged at the right bank of Neelum River at around 1524 meters above ocean level. It has spellbinding landscape. A little marketplace and a Tourist Lodge of Tourism Department arranged on the bank of wandering waterway Neelum across which one can have a look of opposite side of Keran in Indian held Kashmir. The AJK Tourism Department has set up Tourism Motels here which rented out to private area on open private organization strategy which is known as Karen Resort. Karen is generally well known and popular traveler objective with many visitor houses in private area to provide food the convergence of sightseers

Rati Gali Lake Beautifull Valley

The renowned and entrancing Rati Gali lake is arranged around 18 kilometer from Dawarian. A Jeep track on left half of the Neelum Valley street is available to this lake which can be visited during long stretches of May to October

Dawarian Beautifull Valley

Dawarian is arranged around 13 Kms from Neelum at an elevation of around 1615 meters. It is encircled by mountains covered with Conifer trees. A donkey track up to Ratti Gali pass around 30 Kms towards west interfaces the Neelum and Kaghan Valleys. A hovel of Tourism Department and some private visitor houses gives convenience office to guests close to primary street just as on the highest point of the slope

Kel Beautifull Valley

19 Kilometers venture from Sharda, upstream takes one to Kel. It is a little valley at the tallness of 2097 meters. This is one more satisfying spot in the Neelum Valley. The Shounter Nullah joins stream Neelum at this spot and prompts Gilgit Agency over the Shounter Pass (4,420 meter). Kel is likewise a headquarters of mountaineering exercises up to “Sarwaali Peak” 6326 meters about ocean level and “Sarwaali Glacier” (around 25 Kms in length) which are individually supposed to be the most elevated pinnacle and greatest ice sheet of Azad Kashmir. Napkin and Vans handle every day on this course. It is fitting to employ a jeep from Sharda or Kel for an excursion into the Shoather and Gurez Valleys. Ponies and Ponies can likewise be employed locally for movement to the Shoather Valley. Banks, College, Hospital, Bazaar, Tourist Motel are accessible here

Sharda Beautifull Valley

Situated a good ways off of 30 kilometers from Dawarian, it is a stunning green spot at a height of 1981 meters. Shardi and Nardi are the two mountain tops ignoring the valley, named after unbelievable princesses Sharda and Narda. It has a dazzling scene with various springs and slope sides covered with thick woods. Over the right bank, inverse to Sharda, the stream Neelum is joined by the Surgan Nullah along which a track prompts the Noori Nar Pass and through it to Kaghan Valley In sharda, one additionally observes vestiges of an old Buddhist Monastery and a fortress which are of recorded back ground. Offices of a little marketplace, Post office, wellbeing focus. The AJK Tourism Department has set up here a “Vacationer Village” comprising of Tourist Rest Houses, Youth Hostels, Cafeteria and Games space to work with the sightseers while many private visitors’ homes are likewise offered convenience and different administrations. Sailing office is likewise realistic here on waterway Neelum

Beautifull Valley
Beautifull Valley

Gurez Valley Beautifull Valley

Gurez/Gurais additionally articulated Gorai in neighborhood Shina Language is a valley found somewhere down in the high Himalayas, around 38 Kms in front of Kel and at a height of around 8,000 ft above ocean level is an interest yet neglected. The valley is encircled by snow covered mountains. It has different fauna and natural life including the Himalayan Brown Bear and the Snow Leopard. The valley is likewise arranged exceptionally near the Burzil pass which leads into Astore region of the Gilgat Baltistan. Because of weighty snowfall in winter, the valley stays cut-off for the 5 months of the year. The fundamental wares are loaded throughout the late spring season for the utilization throughout the colder time of year. The valley has a lot of charming and all encompassing perspective with customary wooden home and culture. The region having wonderful spots like Janawai, Pholawai, Saonar, Sardari, Halmat, Nikro, Cream abad, and Tao Butt, where many visitor houses are accessible with essential necessities of life for the guests. A white drifting gold Gagai Nullah and emerald River Neelum additionally meet at Tao butt. Tao But is extreme traveler objective of vacationers with quiet, vegetation glades, perfect and clean environment

Arang Kel Beautifull Valley

An all encompassing and break-taking vegetation town is arranged 9 kilometer from Kel followed by climbing track. Because of its picturesque excellence a streetcar is additionally offered pick and drop administration from Kel to Arang Kel and generally utilized by vacationer. Arang Kel is eminent for following, climbing and experience the travel industry. To cater the need of vacationer some visitor houses are gives facilities food

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Beautifull Valley

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