Kalash Valleys Trip

Kalash Valleys Trip – 1 Area of Northern Pakistan

Kalash Valleys Trip included Bumburet, and Rumbur are covered up pearls encompassed by the emotional Hindu Kush mountain range, a piece of the Himalayas. The rough pinnacles are covered with cleans of juniper and birch for shocking, normal perspectives.

The valleys are known for the excellence of individuals just as the regular wonder. Thought to be the relatives of Alexander the Great’s militaries, the Kalash are animists, an ethnic minority, rather than Muslims, and live in wooden homes that dab the high slopes. The ladies are known for their gayly-shaded conventional dresses and headpieces you will just find in this piece of Pakistan.Kalash Valleys Trip

Jeeps and vehicle recruits transport guests effectively to the distant Kalash Valleys from Chitral, 2.5 hours away. Bumburet is the most populated valley and famous with Pakistan vacationers. Rumbur and Birir are less evolved and famous with unfamiliar explorers. Visit the privately claimed Kalasha Dur gallery in Bumburet, an appealing social exhibition hall that gives you all the data expected to visit the dazzling valleys.Kalash Valleys Trip

The best an ideal opportunity to visit the Kalash Valleys is during one of their conventional celebrations. Chilan Joshi is held in May, Uchau is commended in fall, and Choimus happens for quite some time around the colder time of year solstice. Sightseers are constantly astonished at the vivid ensembles, ceremonies, drink, and dance.

Which valley to visit

Before you go, you should conclude which of the three Kalash Valleys you need to visit:

I recommend you visit either Rumboor or Birir, as Bumburet has gone through a Disneyfication interaction, and is not so much Kalash but rather more Murree now.

  • Rumboor: Small towns in Rumboor are not so much grew but rather more well known with unfamiliar travelers. Not at all like Bumburet, Rumboor is still transcendently Kalash.
  • Birir: The most un-created Kalasha Valley, and sees the least guests.
  • Bumburet: The most evolved valley as far as offices, and generally well known with homegrown travelers.


Assuming you’re visiting the Kalash Valleys one of their three yearly celebrations, there will be a lot of blowouts for the eyes. Dance, drink, and be astonished at the vivid ceremonies and garments in plain view… yet make a point to regard local people’s space and customs when you do. There dislike congestion and badgering from travelers at past celebrations; put forth a valiant effort to be a deferential visitor.Kalash Valleys Trip

There are three significant celebrations in the Kalash Valleys:

  • Choimus : fourteen days around the colder time of year solstice
  • Uchau : Autumn, typically September:
  • Chilam : Joshi May

Kalash culture

As expressed, the Kalash public are not Muslim. Their interesting society and customs originate before Islam by hundreds of years. A few researchers accept Kalasha rehearses have connections to antiquated Hinduism.

Tragically, the exceptional culture is lessening. Some non- Kalasha individuals have moved into the valleys. Generally half of Kalash individuals have changed over to Islam for an assortment of reasons, normally identified with monetary battles, conjugal snags, and cultural tensions.Kalash Valleys Trip

Nonetheless, there’s a synchronous a push to safeguard and respect Kalasha culture in an assortment of ways. Kalasha ladies actually wear brilliant conventional dresses and headpieces they weave themselves.

There are numerous Kalash celebrations celebrating and displaying Kalasha culture. In the event that you anticipate visiting one of these celebrations, try to learn about mindful the travel industry in the Kalasha Valleys beneath.

Kalash Valleys Trip
Kalash Valleys Trip

Where to stay in the Kalash Valley


Rumboor just has three visitor houses, and the most unattractive of the parcel is Kalash Home Guest House. Assuming that you’re crashing into Rumboor, it will be to your left side toward the beginning of Grom town—you can’t miss it! Run by the genial Engineer Khan, the food is flavorful, the family is amicable, and the area extraordinary.

Rooms are 2000 – 3000 Rs for each individual, contingent upon the season. Food is normally remembered for the cost, and you can purchase hand crafted wine for 1,000 Rs for each 1 liters assuming Engineer isn’t in the mind-set to drink with you.


This valley has a few lodgings and visitor houses and is turning out to be not so much Kalash but rather more Muslim continuously. Fortunately, there are as yet a few Kalash-run guesthouses where you can get your portion of nearby culture. Kalash House is an essential yet agreeable guesthouse in Brun that additionally offers setting up camp space, and there are two additional Kalash-claimed guesthouses close by on the off chance that it’s full: Kalash Galaxy and Kalash View Kalash Valleys Trip

Kalash Valleys Trip
Kalash Valleys Trip

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