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Our nation The travel industry has secured itself as a significant industry on the planet. It has demonstrated its adequacy in monetary elevate just as in presenting recorded and conventional legacies. Other than different advantages, Tourism is a development industry and becomes quicker than most different products situated ventures.

The travel industry might advance a superior picture of the nation and in this manner empower it to accomplish different goals. The travel industry can be an instrument of a course of moving abundance from more extravagant parts to the less fortunate pieces of the nation and getting a more evenhanded circulation of abundance Azad Jammu and Kashmir potential-wise, after hydro power, the travel industry can be portrayed as the other primary asset

Tourism in Azad Jammu & Kashmir – Our nation

Azad Kashmir is presented commonly with choice regular magnificence and has incredible potential for advancement of the travel industry. The beautiful magnificence of its valleys, thick woodlands, winding waterways, fierce frothing streams , magnificent transcending mountains, supporting Climate, authentic and social legacy, all encompassing sanctums and celebrations and variety of vegetation all go together to make it an incredible traveler resort..

The region is full with assortment of scenes. Climbing and following locales, trout fishing in the frozen waters of the Neelum River and the remaining parts of the Buddhist human advancement in the Sharda Valley are different areas of vacation spot.

Our nation
Our nation

The excellent wood work, the well known Kashmiri handiworks, conventional Kashmiri food varieties or more each of the a perfect and unblemished climate presents different areas of pleasure for the vacationers on this ‘paradise on the planet’. The custom rich and customary Society of AJK is additionally a subject of anthropological worth.

The State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir contributes a particular social substance created by its kin, which is significantly not the same as the remainder of the Sub-Continent Its mountain landscape and wide valleys emptied brutal terms on the advancement of its way of life.

For this reason individuals of Azad Jammu and Kashmir have formed into an industrious persevering, non forceful race which drives a straightforward and thrifty life. Their moves, music, dress, customs, gems, crafted works and performing expressions all are windows to their person

Our nation
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Entry PointTourist Welcome BoothAdjacent(Relevant) DistrictsDistance from Islamabad ( In Kilometer)Contacts Numbers
BararkotNear Bararkot Police Check pointMuzaffarabad,Neelum,Hattian53(Abbotabad)53(Abbotabad)
KohalaNear Kohala BridgeMuzaffarabad ,Bagh,Havelli10805822 921317
05823 920067
Azad Pattan Rawalakot,Sudhnoti8005824 920123
Dhalkot Rawalakot,Bagh8505824 920123
Hollar Kotli7605826 920421
Mangla Mirpur ,Kotli,Bhember11605827 926001
Dhaan Gali Dudyal,Mirpur6205827 926001
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Our nation
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Fundamental Tourist Attraction – Our nation

DistrictTourist Attraction (For Domestic Tourist)*Tourist Attraction (For Foreign Tourist)Road side Facilities 
Distt. NeelumKutton, Jagran Valley, Thorian, Authmuqaam, Raota, Keran,Upper Neelum, Karka, Baboon, Kuttan Gali, Patlian Lake, Rati Gali, Tehjiyan, Dosut, Sharda, Surgan Valley, Kel, Arang Kel, Shoanther Valley, Shoanther lake, Chitta Katha lake, Sarwali Peak, Machal waterfall, Kel Seri, Sardari Halmat, Nikro, Cream abad, Tao Butt **·     Seemari
Distt. MuzaffarabadMuzaffarabad, Pirchanasi, Shaheed Gali, Danna, Serikot, Dhani Mai Sahiba, Bhara Deri, Red Fort, Junction of Neelum Jhelum Rivers, Pir Hisemaar, Subrikot, Nanga Mali, Khetar Gali, Qabar wali Gali,Muzaffarabad city , Pirchanasi, Shaheed Gali, Danna·   Niaz pura. ·   Pir chinasi ·   Arlian ·   Dhani
District HattianChikkar, Dao Khan, Leepa Valley. Chananian, Nokot, Loon Bangla, Chum, Chikar, Zalzal Lake, Garhi DupataChikkar, Dao Khan·   Dhani Baqalan ·   Jashkolan  
Distt. BaghSudden Gali, Dana, Dheerkot, Neela Butt,Ganga Choti, Neeza Peer, Peer Kanthi, Sheru Dhara, Nanga Peer,Chitra Topi, Jaglari,Sudden gali, Dheerkot, Neela Butt·   Chamankot ·   Ghaziabad ·   Upper Dhuli
District HaveliLasdanna, Ali abad, Haji peer,Mehmood gali,Badori, Khurshid abad, Khawaja Bandi**·   Doomgala
District Poonch & SudhnotiRawalakot, Banjonsa, Koian, Toli pir, Ghori mar and Tatta Pain,Nagashwar, Pothi Balla, Jandali Top, Topa, Kherian, Bheeren, Divar, Kot Mattay Khan, Devi Gali, Hussain kot, Khushian Behk, Bilala Potha, Saran ni hil, Gurdawara and Daihra,Rawlakot, Banjonsa, Koian, Toli pir, Ghori mar , Tatta Pani ,Nagashwar·   Shaheed Gala ·   Rehara  
Distt. KotliKotli,Sarda,Fateh Pur, Khoi Ratta, Banah Valley, Sehnsa and TeendaKotli,Sarda,Fateh Pur, Khoi Ratta, Banah Valley·  Kulri ·  Rajdhani
Distt. Mirpur & Distt. BhimberMirpur, Mangla, Ramkot fort, Baghsar, Jhandi Chontra & Samahni Valley.Mirpur city, Ramkot fort, Baghsar, Jhandi Chontra·   Lehri Head ·   Jatlan Head ·   Dhaan Gali
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Region OFFICES – Our nation

Neelum  05821 920106
Muzaffarabad /Hattian  05822 921317
Bagh05823 920067
Rawalakot    05824 920123
Kotli05826 920421
Mirpur05827 926001
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